About Us

What happens when you design a program based around the individual needs of the local community and stake holders? What if we went back to the days where things were built from the ground up, and from scratch? You get a team driven by passion, commitment, and social responsibility...A team that actually makes a difference.

Our Mission

To mentor future leaders for success.

Our Vision

That every member of the communities we serve are empowered through an organization that is invested in their future.

Our Values

We value our connection to your family. We pour ourselves in our purpose to educate, mentor and enrich your life in our own uniquely versatile way.

WE are in


If it takes a village to raise
a child, then we proudly take all the
support we can get

Thanks to
Common Threads

Together with Common Threads we fight
childhood obesity with hands on cooking lessons
aligned with Common Core Standards and
nutrition education

Thanks to
A World Fit For Kids

A World Fit for Kids provides professional
development opportunities for the adult mentors
that directly impact kid's health and fitness.

Thanks to
Hacienda Heights Park & Recreation

Together with Hacienda Heights Parks and Recreation,
Student Success Institute, Inc. supports Summer camps, programs
and classes and aid in the fight against Summer learning loss.

Thanks to

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
provides creative learning space by granting
no-cost garden beds, soil and plants at our after-
school sites.

Thanks to

Trained by the California Department of Education,
our program is only 1 of 7 TCHAS accredited multi
site programs in California.

Thanks to
Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Alliance for a Healthier Generation provides professional
development, workshops, assessments and staff support so that kids
in our program can be in a healthy out-of-school environment and
learn how to make healthy choices.

See why Alliance for a Healthier Generation considers Student
Success Institute veterans of healthy after school time. Read more.

Thanks to