The Perfect Fit

If no two children are the same, why do we treat our After-School Programs as if one size fits all? You already know what your community needs, our job is to empower you by offering it. Find the programs that would benefit your school the most, and  we'll deliver a tailored program, just for you!

Healthy Behavior

Obesity afflicts 17% of every child and adolescent living in the United States - triple the rate from just one generation ago. We provide youth, parents, and staff regular opportunities to gain knowledge that will change their life. It boils down to nutritious food and regular exercise. We incorporate nutritious food in food tastings, creative food pairings and the garden-to-fork experience. We make sure all participants exercise in moderate to vigorous physical activity. Are you ready to change lives?


As culture dilutes images of respect, youth face problems such as bullying in its varying forms, low self-esteem, lack of understanding how to process and vent emotions. HERO commits to uphold positive changes in behavior, social emotional learning, and diffuse a pro respect culture extending the boundaries of the classroom. Youth created and driven at its core, HERO provides consistent and frequent avenues of self-exploration, valuing differences and celebrating our likenesses producing a community movement.


With access to music education in decline, expanded learning in after-school connects kids with musical instruments, lessons that teach the history of the greatest genres of music and music fundamentals. Music exposure allows kids to discover their innate creativity, develop critical thinking skills and explore the endless possibilities of their talent.

Project Based Learning

How could we prepare our kids to enter a more competitive job market than ever? We could teach them the essential skills of professionals such as working in a collaborative group, public speaking, critical thinking, and problem solving skills early in their childhood. By providing young minds experiences that go beyond the boundaries of the classroom we are setting up our children for success. Project based learning provides the framework for students to learn and highlight their strengths in an environment created to allow for exploration and achievement.


What would happen if we exposed kids as early as possible to engineering, programming and technology? They would be prepared with the problem solving, critical thinking, and team building skills that tech careers crave. Robotics is a unique opportunity kids can have to work hands-on with robots, programming in a collaborative process that can launch a child into a career in technology.


Dance is an exciting way of educating, inspiring, and developing youth. It creates a unique opportunity for students to cultivate teamwork, commitment, creativity, and skill. Through different dance styles like hip hop, jazz, folklorico, and even zumba students have the chance to channel creativity, build confidence and positive self esteem.

English-language Learners

1 in 4 youths sitting in a California public school right now are hearing a lesson in a language they do not understand. Our program can adapt to your individual needs and provide the structure that will help students thrive academically and aid in expanding student's vocabulary, language and reading skills. Carefully trained staff can identify students that need the extra help and provide the help so that all students can succeed.

Video Production

Video production is a great way to use technology, writing and art to allow students to explore avenues of creativity. Video production allows for students to learn ways to tell a story and the writing process while simultaneously supporting project based learning. Learning these skills can inspire youth to make creative fields their profession!

Community Events

Nothing brings communities together like common purpose. Our program creates and develops community events centered around unique youth experiences like robotic championships, talent shows and a family festival. We consider it our responsibility to bring the Hacienda and La Puente community together to watch our children succeed!

Science Olympiad

The After-school Math Olympiad is an annual event that challenges students to think critically and work together, and individually, to solve math problems of increasing difficulty within a tournament setting. The goal of the Olympiad is to encourage enthusiasm and love for Mathematics, develop an understanding of various math concepts and problem solving skills; and lastly to cultivate creativity, ingenuity, and help children reach their goals.

Math Olympiad

The After-school Science Olympiad is an annual event that consists of various hands-on group challenges that allow students to find creative solutions to projects of varying difficulty. The goal of the science olympiad is to get students to think critically as the learn, develop and apply knowledge of basic science concepts in a fun and cooperative setting.

Creative Design PRogram

Few are as creative as students, and few things are as rewarding as  helping children reach their creative potential. Our Creative Design Program challenges students to step out of their comfort zone and come up with incredible designs, then give them the tools needed to see those designs come to life on apparel that they can call their own.


Our goal is to help you to serve your community even more than you're already doing. Let us know what would make the difference to you, and we will do all we can to design something that can exceed your needs.